Biere Barley withdrawnHarvest Declaration Form

May 29, 2020

Following unseasonable yield responses in 2019,  GrainSearch has decided to withdraw Biere from the malt accreditation program and from commercial sale.  GrainSearch has made this decision, as it is committed to commercialising only the best suited cereal varieties.

With support from AGRIvision in 2019, GrainSearch had 4 large Biere production crops under evaluation around the Wimmera/Sthn Mallee region.  Unfortunately, despite a favourable season for most of the 4 growers, Biere’s yield in each case was not close to matching other standard commercial varieties grown on the farms.

Despite promising results in previous season trials, Biere has shown itself to be too fickle to warrant grower confidence to sow Biere each season.