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  • GrainSearch Wheat & Barley Evaluation Trials – Oct 2020

    October 9, 2020

    Recently GrainSearch recorded a video with Southern Farming Systems (SFS) to highlight the current trials we have located at their main trial site at Inverleigh, Victoria. The video below shows some of the steps that we take along the variety development pathway – from hand sowing 5g-20g of seed we receive straight from Quarantine, through to the selection and seed multiplication of our next hopeful wheat and/or barley variety. As noted, GrainSearch full utilises the End Point Royalties it receives from its current commercial varieties; Manning, Revenue and Beaufort (Wheats) and Westminster (Barley) – in our quest to find the…

  • GrainSearch News Update – July 2020

    July 24, 2020

    Read about GrainSearch’s latest news related to its new varieties nearing commercial release and progress of its R&D Evaluation program.  Click on the link below. GrainSearch Cereal Update July 2020 WEB

  • Biere Barley withdrawn

    May 29, 2020

    Following unseasonable yield responses in 2019,  GrainSearch has decided to withdraw Biere from the malt accreditation program and from commercial sale.  GrainSearch has made this decision, as it is committed to commercialising only the best suited cereal varieties. With support from AGRIvision in 2019, GrainSearch had 4 large Biere production crops under evaluation around the Wimmera/Sthn Mallee region.  Unfortunately, despite a favourable season for most of the 4 growers, Biere’s yield in each case was not close to matching other standard commercial varieties grown on the farms. Despite promising results in previous season trials, Biere has shown itself to be…

  • Bottler Barley Progress

    May 28, 2020

    May 2020: Bottler barley is continuing to progress through the Barley Australia Malt Accreditation program. One Victorian grown sample of malt grain was submitted to Plot Malting from the 2018/19 harvest season.  A further two samples have been submitted from this season’ harvest and the final outcome for Stage 1 should be known at the latest, by February 2021. Barrett Burston Malting (BBM) will also continue to evaluate commercial Bottler Malt 1 grain in 2020 from selected crops harvested in Vic and WA in 2019/20. Crops have been sown again in WA and Vic in 2020, for BBM to procure…

  • Biere passes Stage 1 Malt Accreditation

    March 13, 2019

    Barley Australia has recently advised GrainSearch® that Biere successfully passed Stage 1 of the Malt Accreditation program, using the grain grown near Birchip (Vic Mallee) in 2017.  This is positive news for the variety. GrainSearch® will continue to evaluate Biere in 2019 to determine how best growers can use the variety on their farm.  To date, Biere has proven to be a strong, vigorous variety that is well adapted to growing in drier environments with low inputs.  Its fast maturity means sowing dates are best suited to the 3rd week of May to mid-June, making it a possible option for…