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  • Biere Barley – a potential graze & grain crop

    December 12, 2018

    It is a common practice amongst many Dookie farmers to sow a paddock of barley early in the season (around mid-April) and use the first flush of growth as valuable sheep grazing during the winter feed deficit. The crop is then locked up at GS30 growth stage and allowed to go through to grain harvest. At the start of 2018 season, GrainSearch provided local Dookie grower Alan Shields with a tonne of Biere seed to evaluate how it would compare with Alan’s usual short season ‘grain&graze’ variety Mundah. Due to the dry conditions both the Biere and Mundah were sown…

  • Biere Barley surviving well in the drier conditions

    December 12, 2018

    At the start of the 2018 season GrainSearch placed 1T of Biere Barley seed with 5 growers in the Jeparit/Beulah (Mallee) region of Victoria, with the aim of seeing how Biere performs as a late sown, low input barley. The farmers all sowed the Biere in large commercial paddocks right against their own barley variety. As the drier season continued, Biere began to stand out as the variety that was best coping with the well below average rainfall. By August, four of the paddocks showed Biere clearly surviving much better than the commercial variety. Its faster maturity when sown in…