Bottler Barley ProgressHarvest Declaration Form

March 13, 2019

Bottler barley has been entered into Stage 1 Malt Accreditation.  We expect final results for Stage 1 to be available in 2021, as further malt production crops are grown in 2019 to supplement the crops damaged by storms and frosts in 2018.

However, Barrett Burston Malting (BBM) will continue to evaluate commercial Bottler Malt 1 grain in 2019 and will process approx. 1000 tonnes in Victoria and 500 tonnes in Western Australia from crops grown in 2019.

NVT and SFS results in 2018 indicated that Bottler has a solid yield potential and can match most/all high yielding varieties, when grown in regions with yield potentials >4t/ha.

Commercial seed is available through your rural reseller network or directly from AGF Seeds at Smeaton.