Biere passes Stage 1 Malt AccreditationHarvest Declaration Form

March 13, 2019

Barley Australia has recently advised GrainSearch® that Biere successfully passed Stage 1 of the Malt Accreditation program, using the grain grown near Birchip (Vic Mallee) in 2017.  This is positive news for the variety.

GrainSearch® will continue to evaluate Biere in 2019 to determine how best growers can use the variety on their farm.  To date, Biere has proven to be a strong, vigorous variety that is well adapted to growing in drier environments with low inputs.  Its fast maturity means sowing dates are best suited to the 3rd week of May to mid-June, making it a possible option for delayed sowing situations where weed control, or lack of moisture has pushed back normal sowing times.

It should be noted that due to the early sowing time for NVT trials, many NVT sites fail to show Biere’s true potential, as it flowers too early on these sites.  GrainSearch® trials and farm evaluations to date indicate that Biere is a sound variety.  Growers interested in evaluating Biere on their own farm, as a low input/late sowing option, should contact GrainSearch® directly for details on how and where to obtain commercial seed.

It is expected that Stage 2 Malt Evaluations will occur using grain grown in 2020.