Beaufort Seed for 2019 SeasonHarvest Declaration Form

May 17, 2018

GrainSearch is alerting growers to the fact that there will be limited new commercial seed available of Beaufort for sowing in 2019 season. Growers who feel they may need to refresh their seed stock, or want to start growing Beaufort on their farm in 2019, should make contact with GrainSearch before the end of December 2018 to register their interest in purchasing Beaufort seed. This will help GrainSearch ensure that there is seed available on the mainland for growers to purchase ahead of sowing in 2019.

As a reminder, all GrainSearch varieties are protected by PBR and the relevant Industry Standard Grower Licence for GrainSearch can be found at Growers are not able to sell grain or seed as seed to any other entity and are not permitted to purchase seed from any source not authorised by GrainSearch to sell its variety seed.