2013 Revenue & Manning farmer scale trial results (Lake Bolac Vic)Harvest Declaration Form

June 23, 2014

Manning & Revenue side-by-side comparison at Lake Bolac in 2013.

GrainSearch’s new Manning (white grained Feed Wheat) was put to the test in 2013, with a large farmer scaled evaluation near Lake Bolac (Vic). Manning was sown up against GrainSearch’s proven performer – Revenue (red grained Feed Wheat).  Local Lake Bolac farmer George Burdett, sowed 5ha of Manning Wheat within a large 150ha paddock sown to Revenue.  After a late start to the season, the paddock was sown all on the one day (5th June 2013) – which is considered too late to best suit these longer season winter wheats.  Both crops were then treated as ‘one paddock’ during the year and harvested in early January 2014.  George Burdett has an in-situ’ soil moisture probe on the property as part of the large SFS project and data from the probe showed that the available soil moisture ran out in early December 2013.  Despite this dry/shortened finish to the season, Revenue was able to yield 5.671t/ha and Manning was close behind with a respectable 5.163t/ha.  These good yields in what proved to be a late start/early finish season, has shown that Manning and Revenue are both tough varieties.  In an ideal finish to a season, Manning is some 2-3 weeks later maturing than Revenue, therefore, to come this close in yield in such a quick end to the season, is a good indication that Manning has a level of toughness not often found in such a long season winter wheat.

Evaluation Summary Table:




Area sown Manning 5ha (untreated seed)
Area sown Revenue 145 ha (Hombre treated seed)
Date sown 5th June – late due to dry start to the season
Date Harvested First week January 2014
Yield Revenue 5.671t/ha
Yield Manning 5.163t/ha
Soil Moisture (from probe in situ) Showed no soil moisture by early December

For more details on Manning and Revenue, please contact Philip Jobling @ GrainSearch on 0448318262 or phil@grainsearch.com.au