GrainSearch is a Victorian based company dedicated to seeking out new varieties of Cereal that significantly improve the productivity of farming businesses and agricultural enterprises. Our commercial varieties include Westminster Barley (Malt Accredited), SQP Revenue Dual Purpose Wheat (Red Feed Quality), Manning Dual Purpose Wheat (White Feed Quality) and Beaufort (Red Feed Quality).  Our newest commercial variety is Bottler Barley (High Fermentable Malt type barley). Unfortunately we have decided to withdraw Biere Barley from the Malt Accreditation program and from commercial sale. We are now in the process of bringing our newest Feed barley – Nitro – to market as well as continuing to evaluate a range of wheat and barley lines from local and international breeding sources.

Industry Standard Grower License

Details on the GrainSearch 2023 Industry Standard Variety License are available on this website.  The relevant GrainSearch License applies to all growers who sow seed in the applicable season – whether from new seed, or from seed retained on farm.  Growers must familiarise themselves with the Terms & Conditions of the License, relating to the purchase/retention of seed for sowing and the harvesting of grain for varieties protected by PBR (1994).

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