NitroHarvest Declaration Form

Nitro (originally coded HV8) is GrainSearch’s newest feed grade barley and is currently undergoing commercial seed production in 2020 by two supporting GrainSearch Affiliates – AMPS (NSW) and Midland Seeds (Tas). Nitro is a mid-season maturity, mid straw height barley with proven high yield potential.

Growers in the Liverpool Plains region of NSW should consult with AMPS for full details of their extensive barley yield trials. Since 2016, Nitro has remained one of the top yielding barley varieties in the AMPS trials and has also performed well on the sodic soil trial sites.

In Tasmania, trials with SFS has shown Nitro capable of closely matching RGT Planet’s top end yields (under irrigation). Growing Nitro as a feed only barley, allows growers the opportunity to spread their barley production risk, whilst still maximising barley yields.

In NVT and SFS testing in Victoria, Nitro has a proven strong top end yield potential. For growers in Vic HRZ and selected MRZ regions, Nitro is an ideal second barley variety to grow, as it offers the yield rewards when the season is running well, without the risks of producing out of specification malt grain, should the season collapse later in the year.

Testing in WA has commenced in WA in 2020 with SEPWA and this will held determine if Nitro is also suitable in WA as a feed grain option.

Commercial seed of Nitro will be available from AMPS (NSW) and Midland Seeds (Tas) (and their associated seed retail outlets). Nitro can only be grown when a GrainSearch Nitro Barley Licence Agreement is signed and returned to GrainSearch after purchasing the seed (Licence will be supplied at the time of sale of the seed).

Nitro has an End Point Royalty (EPR) of $3.60/tonne (+ gst) of grain produced.