Royalties (EPR)Harvest Declaration Form

Plant Breeder Rights (PBR)

A Plant Breeder Right (PBR) is an exclusive commercial right to a registered variety. The rights are a form of intellectual property, like patents and copyright, and are administered under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994

Plant Breeder Right’s are important for the development of the grains industry as they provide plant breeders with a system to protect their intellectual property and gain a financial reward for their innovation. Without the PBR system there would be very little investment in developing new genetic material that improved grower’s productivity.

For full details relating to Plant Breeder Rights and End Point Royalties within the Australian Cereal/Canola/Legume seed industry, please refer to the Combined Industry Website

End Point Royalties

An End Point Royalty (EPR) is a royalty paid on every tonne of grain produced by the grower of a particular cereal variety. The royalty payable by the grower may vary between varieties.

Please note that all current GrainSearch cereal varieties have EPR applying to the grain produced.

EPR also applies to any grain used on farm as stock feed, however, EPR is not payable on any grain retained as seed for the purpose of on-farm use.

Growers must accurately declare to GrainSearch the total production of each variety and also note the amount retained as seed.


EPR Rates (ex gst) – November 2020

Westminster Barley $3.00 / tonne

Nitro Barley (Feed only) $3.60/tonne

Beaufort Wheat $3.00 / tonne

Manning Wheat $3.50 / tonne

SQP Revenue Wheat $3.50 / tonne