GS Grower License 2023 seasonHarvest Declaration Form

GrainSearch Industry Standard 2023 season Variety License.

ALL growers who sow GrainSearch varieties in the 2023 season, MUST comply with the License Terms & Conditions. Growers who do not wish to comply with these Terms and Conditions should grow other non PBR protected cereal varieties.

This license linked below, is the License applicable for all Mainland and Tasmanian growers who have either purchased seed or retained seed for the purposes of sowing in 2023 and covers any of the following GrainSearch cereal varieties:

  • Beaufort Wheat
  • Manning Wheat
  • Revenue Wheat,
  • Westminster Barley
  • Nitro Feed Barley

For further details on the Industry Standard Variety Licenses and the growing of PBR protected grain varieties in Australia, growers should visit the Combined Industry Website at

GrainSearch 2023 Industry Standard Variety License