Bottler Barley ProgressHarvest Declaration Form

May 28, 2020

May 2020:

Bottler barley is continuing to progress through the Barley Australia Malt Accreditation program.

One Victorian grown sample of malt grain was submitted to Plot Malting from the 2018/19 harvest season.  A further two samples have been submitted from this season’ harvest and the final outcome for Stage 1 should be known at the latest, by February 2021.

Barrett Burston Malting (BBM) will also continue to evaluate commercial Bottler Malt 1 grain in 2020 from selected crops harvested in Vic and WA in 2019/20.

Crops have been sown again in WA and Vic in 2020, for BBM to procure sufficient malt grain to complete the Stage 2 Accreditation evaluation during 2021, with the ultimate aim to achieve malt accreditation by February 2022.

Further NVT and SFS results in 2019 indicate that Bottler has a solid yield potential and can match most/all high yielding varieties, when grown in regions with yield potentials >4t/ha.

Commercial seed is available through your rural reseller network or contact GrainSearch for further details on how/where to purchase seed