Biere Barley – Stage 1 testing to commence soonHarvest Declaration Form

May 17, 2018

GrainSearch is anxiously awaiting the results of Stage 1 Malt Accreditation testing of the 2017 season Biere grain, grown in the Mallee region(Vic). Barrett Burston Malting are conducting the tests and it is hoped that the results will show Biere is commercially capable of producing the high quality export type malt that it demonstrated through many seasons of development trials.

GrainSearch has put on hold malt grain production for Stage 2 until the results of Stage 1 are known. However, several farmers have been able to secure seed of Biere to sow this season to further evaluate its on farm performance. With the later sowing window this season, growers should see the benefits of sowing a true short season barley variety – capable of jumping out of the ground and still providing seedling vigour (weed competition) – which true longer season cereals are less able to do, if sown late May/early June.