Beaufort continues to shineHarvest Declaration Form

May 17, 2018

Beaufort (Red-grained feed wheat) again showed its class in 2017, topping or coming close to topping a range of commercial main season wheat trials in 2017 in NSW and Vic.

With the later start to the 2018 cropping season, Beaufort’s wide sowing window will again help growers by being able to be sown right into early June – and it’s adaptability will still see it perform at/near the top seasonal yield potential.

A lesson learnt from both the GRDC funded SFS/FAR Hyper yielding cereal trial at Hagley (TAS) and the SFS Wheat Management trials at Westmere (VIC) is that Beaufort is sensitive to plant growth regulators (PGR’s). If you are targeting high yields (> 7t/ha) and feel PGR’s are necessary, then please ensure that the Beaufort is not suffering undue stress and that they are applied right at GS30 timing and follow minimum label rates.