Russian Wheat Aphid spreads into VictoriaHarvest Declaration Form

June 24, 2016

Confirmed reports show that Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) has spread into parts of Victoria in early 2016.
RWA affects cereals through their direct feeding on the plant. They also inject a toxin that causes the plant to wilt and striping symptoms on the leaves also appear soon after.
Once the RWA is controlled, the plants can generally recover – unlike some of the virus’ spread by aphids (eg Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus).
The RWA can be well controlled with a range of seed treatments and/or spray options. In Victoria, farmers may use sprays currently registered for other aphid control on cereals (following all DO NOT restrictions), whilst in other states, special Permits have been issued by the APVMA to allow growers to control the RWA legally.
Further details can be found from your agronomist, local department of Agriculture or the APVMA website.

As a reminder, Manning wheat – although resistant to BYDV, is not resistant to the RWA or its toxins – they are completely different mechanisms for resistance.