2015 NVT Sites Harvest commencedHarvest Declaration Form

November 30, 2015

The 2015 NVT sites have commenced harvest.  The Barley sites from Qld, NSW, SA and northern Victoria have been completed and a few of the Vic Wimmera/Mallee wheat sites have also been harvested.

GrainSearch is compiling the results as they come in, to assess the performance of our lines currently entered into a range of sites.  We will prepare a summary of the results in the New Year.

9516-01 Barley  – most main season eastern states barley sites

HV8 & HV3 Barley – selected main and long season Vic sites

2705-26A Barley – long and early season Vic sites

SY Rattler & Westminster Barley

HIL – 038 Wheat – selected main season Vic and NSW sites

11-FD-AU-04  Wheat- selected main season sites

Beaufort Wheat – selected main and long season sites

Revenue and Manning Wheats – early & long season sites