New Leaf Rust now widespread in AustraliaHarvest Declaration Form

October 22, 2015

Tests conducted by the University of Sydney’s Australian Cereal Rust Survey this season has shown that the new Leaf Rust Pathotype¬† 104-1,3,4,6,7,8,10,12+Lr37 – (an overseas leaf rust of unknown origin that was first detected last season in SE SA), is now fairly widespread in most cereal regions in Australia from SA, Vic, NSW, QLD and even Tas. Many wheat varieties will need to have their Leaf Rust Resistance rating upgraded due to the presence of this new pathotype.¬† SQP Revenue and Manning have shown some level of susceptibility. Reports from the field however, indicate that a sensible rust management program should be sufficient to prevent the leaf rust from causing too much issue – but be aware that growers should be continually monitoring their cereals throughout the season for any unexpected rust outbreaks. GrainSearch will update its information on Revenue and Manning once the new leaf rust ratings are published.