Revenue Tops SFS Crop Challenge in 2013Harvest Declaration Form

June 23, 2014

Revenue tops the SFS Rural Finance Crop Challenge results at Inverleigh in 2013

In the final year of the three year SFS Rural Finance Crop Challenge, GrainSearch’s Feed Wheat Revenue proved a highly profitable crop in to grow in 2013 for the “Landmark” team, lifting them over the line to also win the overall three year Crop Challenge Award at the Inverleigh site.  The “Landmark” team grew an impressive 7.38 tonne/ha Revenue crop with a Gross Margin of $1853/ha. The key to their success was being able to keep input costs low and take advantage of the ability to graze the Revenue for added income.

The highest yielding crop at Inverleigh was another Revenue crop grown by “Marcus Oldham”, coming in at a massive 8.35t/ha – over 1.3tonne more than any other variety grown by any of the Challenge teams.

Revenue was also at the top of the yield leader board for the SFS Rural Finance Crop Challenge for 2013 at the Lake Bolac site.  Grown by the “Worn Out Farmers”, Revenue yielded 7.17t/ha, some 800kg/ha above the next best variety grown by the Challenge team “Bean Machines.”

For further details on the results of the SFS Rural Finance Crop Challenge, please refer to the SFS Trial Results (Victoria) Book (2013), pages 54-63.