Manning Wheat tops MacKillop Group trials (Millicent SA, 2013/14)Harvest Declaration Form

June 23, 2014

Manning Wheat tops the MacKillop trials in 2013 at Millicent (SA)

In 2013, the MacKillop Group ran a large wheat trial near Millicent (SA).  A wide range of over 40 wheat varieties were sown (replicated x 2) on the 27th May and harvested on the 20th January 2014.  The newly released GrainSearch variety Manning (trialled as CS9274) topped the trial site yields with 10.9t/ha (152% of the site average).  The trial site mean yield was 7.2t/ha with an LSD of 0.76t/ha.  Manning yielded 15% greater than the next best variety – Preston.  Manning is a winter wheat variety that has proven to be highly adaptable to a range of seasonal conditions and offers growers the key traits;

  • White grained Feed Wheat – suits those farmers looking to sell feed grain to intensive feed industries.
  • BYDV Resistant – less need for insecticide based seed treatments.
  • Grazing tolerant – good tillering for excellent early feed production
  • Long maturity – utilises late moisture or irrigation.
  • Tough – once established, Manning has shown that it can cope with very tough conditions – such as drying soils and heavy grazing – and still pull through to produce a grain harvest. (Note: Manning is not considered tolerant of heavy water logging conditions)
  • Ideally suited to irrigation situations to maximise grain filling potential.