Higher Gross Margins with Revenue Dual Purpose WheatHarvest Declaration Form

January 17, 2012

Revenue dual purpose wheat has been a standout performer in mixed farming enterprises this season.  Revenue’s dual purpose nature has allowed crucial grazing throughout the winter period, adding to the farmer’s bottom line.  Conservative estimates suggest that grazing dual purpose cereals can add over $500/ha to the grower’s bottom line.  Trial results indicate that grazing early sown crops did not have a negative impact on grain yields so long as grazing was completed before GS30.  In addition to the ability to graze Revenue it has proven to show exceptional yield potential post grazing with reported yields of between 7-8t/ha throughout Victoria, far exceeding all expectations.

Revenue topped the 2011 SFS Inverleigh winter wheat trial yielding 8.37t/ha in a tight finish.   Revenue is ideally suited to the longer season dryland areas of NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Revenue’s performance and grain yield is exceptional under irrigation, with commercial crops in Tasmania yielding in excess of 12 t/ha under irrigation.

To maximise yields in Revenue sowing should be undertaken as early as possible, the ability to plant early gives growers a good tool to spread their planting window.  This variety has a strong vernalisation requirement which means that flowering will occur at approximately the same time of year irrespective of sowing date, thereby not increasing the frost risk.  Commercial crops were sown as early as March, allowing two to three grazing prior to locking up for grain production.

In addition to the exceptional yield and dry matter production, Revenue has shown exceptional disease resistance including outstanding resistance to current strains of leaf rust, stripe rust and stem rust.  With high levels of rust throughout Victoria this season, Revenue has proven to be a standout performer.  With many varieties have been hit hard whilst Revenues late season nature and excellent disease resistance has allowed it to take advantage of late season rains.

Revenue’s dual purpose nature is a great risk management tool, allowing farmers the ability to spread their sowing window, manage feed shortages all whilst increasing gross margins.     

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